Mum’s the word on virtual pop band

By Farnham Herald in Local People

A MUM of three from Farnham has set out to revolutionise the music industry with the creation of a new virtual pop band.

Zeamu Music is the home of The Zeamus, a four-piece band of dynamic, and vibrant, animated characters Zac, Eva, Aki and Mina who sing about the world through the eyes and ears of a child.

While primary school children have access to their own genre of film, TV, games and books, Sara Acworth believes there’s never been any great, original pop music created just for them.

“Having worked in the music industry but also as a mum, I’ve become frustratingly aware of the limited offerings when it comes to relevant and well-produced pop music,” said Sara.

“Children love music and a great song should express and communicate the felt experiences that the listener can identify with.”

Determined to create the soundtrack to children’s lives, Sara and her business partners have produced a record that their children can really relate to.

The music team behind Zeamu Music is headed up by Natalie Barowitz, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the music industry. She has worked with some of the best commercial record producers and writers in Europe to create a new genre of children’s music for the whole family.

Sara speaks passionately about the vision for Zeamu. “We are all really proud of this project and when we first heard these brilliantly written and produced pop songs, we just knew we had something special that kids have just never had before,” she said.

“The Zeamus sing about stuff that matters to them. Kids will always enjoy the music their parents and siblings listen to but finally there’s an awesome band that bridges the gap between nursery rhymes and Rihanna!

“They sing about the summer holidays and embarrassing relatives. They express what it really feels like to be seven years old and lonely in the playground or scared of the dark.”

With the successful launch of The Zeamus’ album and videos online, Sara and her team now have everything in place to develop Zeamu music into an aspirational and exciting entertainment brand globally.

She is convinced that children deserve their own music and they are already licensing their content out to a world desperate for safe and aspirational children’s content.

With apps, games, music software, merchandising and live events all in the pipeline, this ambitious mum wants to shake things up at the school disco and see children join the The Zeamus on a musical journey that will let them go anywhere their imaginations will take them.

Sara continued: “I loved watching The Monkees when I was a kid and now that these quirky characters are really coming to life, I can see them having their own TV show or doing their own virtual gig. It’s very exciting.”


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