Town centre residents “needed sunglasses”, said one Upper South View homeowner, after super-bright 20mph signs were painted on road surfaces overnight as part of Farnham’s 20mph roll-out this week.

Other 20mph signs – larger gateway signs, smaller repeater signs and painted signs – have appeared widely across the town centre and in Weydon Lane this week, catching many motorists by surprise.

Surrey County Council has clarified, however, that the new speed limits are not yet enforceable.

A spokesman said: “Essential works have begun which support the move to 20mph speed limits in Farnham town centre and Weydon Lane.

“There will also be some overnight road closures in the town centre so the speed limits can be painted on the roads – but noise and disruption will be kept to a minimum.

A new 20mph repeater sign in Union Road, Farnham
A new 20mph repeater sign in Union Road, Farnham (Daniel Gee)

“Once all the work is completed – which is due to be at the end of October – the new 20mph will be in force.”

The 20mph limit is being introduced as part of the Farnham Infrastructure Programme to combat carbon emissions in the town, and improve road safety for residents and visitors.

Lowering the speed limit in the town centre was first included in the programme’s Optimised Infrastructure Plan, which was given broad support by residents during a consultation in 2021.

There was further consultation on the specific proposals late last year.

It was also agreed to roll out a 20mph zone in Upper Hale Road, but this was subject to a further consultation on traffic-calming measures over the summer and is not yet being implemented.

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme is a partnership between Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Town Council and Jeremy Hunt MP, with the key aims of reducing congestion and improving air quality. Find out more at