THERE was high drama in Farnham town centre on Monday afternoon after builders uncovered what they thought was an unexploded Second World War bomb - only to be told by bomb disposal experts that it was a false alarm.

The dramatic discovery was made to the rear of Accessorize and SpaceNK off West Street at around 2.30pm on Monday.

Site worker Paul Taylor, 30, coincidentally a former Royal Engineers bomb disposal expert, was digging foundations for a new soak-away next to a derelict Anderson bomb shelter when he came across a metal object.

Fearing this was a German bomb, dropped by the Luftwaffe during the 1940s Blitz, he called 999 and five police cars quickly responded to the incident, with officers cordoning off Weavers Yard between the two shops.

However, an Army bomb disposal unit arrived shortly after 3pm to undertake a risk assessment, and within minutes confirmed the 'bomb' to be a harmless piece of metal.