A resident of East Tisted has warned some drivers are using the closed A32 from Chawton to Lower Farringdon as a “race track”.

Carl McBean added: “Some then turn left into a track which normally has walkers and very few cars so they don’t have to use the detour.”

Meanwhile a councillor who until May was cabinet member for highways has said consultation about the closure “could have been better”.

Gosport Road through Lower Farringdon was shut on June 27 for Hampshire County Council flood prevention work expected to take 15 weeks.

In his July report to Petersfield Town Council, Cllr Russell Oppenheimer said he was “very conscious” the closure had caused “great inconvenience” to residents of Lower Farringdon and the surrounding area.

He added: “I would acknowledge that engagement with parishes prior to the commencement could have been better.

“The reality is the team did not have a long lead-in time and so they did not have the opportunity to do a more proactive engagement. They are now working hard to develop that dialogue with parishes.”

Businesses including The Golden Pheasant pub and motorcycle company Bahnstormer have told the Herald about the impact on their trade.

Mr McBean added: “Some drivers think the ‘road closed ahead’ signs are an optional choice rather than an instruction.

“Maybe the signs should say at the end ‘Told you the road was closed’.”