A RARE albino hedgehog discovered in a garden in Alton will now be cared for by Hydestile Resident Animals near Milford.

Centre co-owner Graham Cornick said: “Mick and Jill Neave are great supporters of the centre and the hedgehog turned up in their garden.

“They brought him here, because they knew he wouldn’t survive for very long in the wild as his immune system is very poor.

“He will have to stay with us for the rest of his days.

“We have called him Al. He’s just a young hedgehog and was born in late August or the beginning of September.

“As he’s quite rare, he’s already going out and about with me when I give wildlife talks. He came with me to Sayers Croft outdoor learning centre in Ewhurst and was very much admired.”

* Hydestile Resident Animals is asking anyone who finds a hedgehog that looks dangerously underweight to call 01483 860313 for help.