Hampshire and Isle of Wight police and crime commissioner Donna Jones has praised chief constable Scott Chilton for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary’s performance this year.

Data has revealed that the number of crimes has reduced and more people are being charged compared to this time last year.

Burglary is down 13.8 per cent, serious violence 14 per cent, anti-social behaviour 17.9 per cent and domestic abuse 15.3 per cent.

Overall crime has fallen by 6.6 per cent, which amounts to 7,891 fewer crimes than last year.

Shoplifting has increased but the number of people being charged or summonsed to court for it has risen by 77.6 per cent, reflecting the force’s new focus on crimes affecting communities.

There was also significant improvement in the 101 service, with call waiting times down from an average of 23 minutes in June to 7 minutes 25 seconds in November.

Ms Jones said: “These improvements are down to the changes the chief constable has made to the operating model since he began work earlier this year. His back to basics approach means there is less crime and more people facing justice, which is exactly what the public want.

“I’m delighted to see a significant drop in serious violence and burglary. However I apply caution to the drop in domestic crimes as I know how hard it is for victims to make reports.

“I will be monitoring this reduction in the months ahead. I will ensure there is independent support for survivors in place across the two counties for those seeking help but who are not ready to talk to the police.   

“Those charged with burglary has increased 32.5 per cent. The commitment to attend 100 per cent of burglaries is working and these numbers are promising.”