A COUNCILLOR has vowed not to seek re-election because he considers there to be a “lack of democracy” on Alton Town Council.

Cllr Gideon Cristofoli is frustrated at not seeing Kings Pond restored and feels that comparing working on the council to being in one of Franz Kafka’s bizarre and illogical stories is justified.

Referring to a Herald story on February 3, he said: “It is ironic that in an article in which I compared my experience as a town councillor to being in a Kafka novel, Cllr Graham Titterington went on to deny there was a Kings Pond management plan. There is a plan, and it’s been on their website since 2017.”

The policy and resources committee had opposed Cllr Cristofoli’s motion to set aside £40,000 for maintenance and dredging of Kings Pond, with chairman Cllr Titterington saying afterwards: “The committee thought it premature to allocate the money specifically to Kings Pond as currently we do not have a management plan for Kings Pond, costed and backed by expert opinion, detailing what actions are needed.”

The 39-page plan by Footprint Ecology can be found by clicking on the Open Spaces menu of the town council website and selecting Kings Pond.

Cllr Cristofoli added: “This report has a detailed action plan, and is what I, along with many residents, have asked them to review and implement for years.

“For those that think that this is a political attack, please know that I am an independent councillor who does not intend to stand again because of the lack of democracy I have witnessed, particularly when listening to the voices of residents.

“My motives are based purely on my love of the pond and desire to see it looked after and restored to its former glory.”