A battle is brewing as a party leader has positioned himself against six councillors attempting to lower house building targets for Alton.

Cllr Andy Tree has publicly announced he would like to “fight back” against those in Alton who are trying to reduce the town’s housing allocation.

Councillors Ginny Boxall, Suzie Burns, Graham Hill, Steve Hunt, Warren Moore and Emily Young penned an open letter to Alton residents and East Hampshire District Council leaders collectively voicing concerns about the “disproportionally high” allocation of 1,700 extra homes for Alton in the draft Local Plan.

Suggestions of major housing development around Neatham Down and Windmill Hill fields have caused consternation in Alton. The numbers proposed for Whitehill & Bordon are considerably smaller, with a mere 126 touted for sites off Hollywater Road and Mill Chase Road and just 661 altogether.

The gang of six feel the current allocation for Alton places an “undue burden” on the community and feel the allocation should be shared more fairly across the district.

However, their plea hasn’t received much sympathy from EHDC deputy leader and Whitehill & Bordon Community Party leader Cllr Tree.

Both he and his party feel the allocations are fair because Alton boasts “significantly greater” facilities and infrastructure with its rail connections, community hospital and sixth form college.

He said: “I would like to fight back against those in Alton who are trying to reduce their own housing allocation, where the outcome could be more housing for Whitehill & Bordon.

“We are concerned that any increase in housing in Whitehill & Bordon may stretch vital facilities, and infrastructure must match growth.”

The development follows an announcement that the draft EHDC Local Plan consultation has been extended until this Friday. Follow the link at the main www.easthants.gov.uk page for more details.