TWIN sisters are raising thousands to go on a school volunteering trip to Peru to support communities in need.

Alis and Beatrix Powell, 13, need to raise a combined £7,500 for the 3-week trip run by Camps International.

The twin’s mother Catherine Knight says it’s a daunting amount of money but despite the difficult task ahead of them, the twins have been very proactive.

Ms Knight said: “They have been trying to raise funding through various ways and it’s been very positive. They went into businesses and said ‘We’re trying to raise this figure of money and might you be able to support us with something?’

“Over the Christmas holidays they did cat sitting, now they are babysitting and whatever else they can think of.”

Businesses the twins approached in Farnham and Haslemere have generously donated items and vouchers which will all be available to bid on in an online auction. The goods include a wine tasting experience, vouchers, beauty and wellness products and more.

The auction will close on Wednesday, February 20.

But the twins haven’t stopped there. They are also walking and cycling 118 miles – the length of Lake Titicaca in Peru – to raise funds and are even organising a quiz night.

Ms Knight added: “The quiz night will be at St Andrew’s School in Farnham and previous students have done quiz nights. The school has really emphasised that it’s about fundraising and have been very encouraging, doing sessions to try and help the children.”

The twins trip will have them involved in projects to provide sustainable long-term support to communities in Pillahuara, near Cusco in Peru in 2025.

The Weydon School pupils will help to improve sanitation facilities in houses for families and vulnerable elderly adults and work on community projects to build greenhouses while developing international relations.

After finishing their volunteer work Alis and Beatrix will have the amazing opportunity to trek to Machu Picchu but they can’t do it without your help.

To place a bid in the auction, visit

To donate directly go to the twins’ fundraising pages at: and