THE SECOND appearance of David Thomas’ Hay Place Farm, Binsted, group from about 1931 prompted Pat Seale to have another delve into the records.

“I see the photo has had another airing, my previous guess was wrong!

“I now have another idea – perhaps it was the extended Ayres family.

“I have just finished reading The Hop Pickers’ Children by Sheila Judith Anne Ayres, ISBN 9781784659028.

“I enjoyed reading it very much, it’s such a charming story.

“Sheila Ayres came to Binsted – to Hay Place Farm, where the photo was taken.

“I didn’t pick up on the Ayres children in the School Admissions Register, because they never went to Binsted School. She says that.

“She mentions how they met up with the many aunts, uncles and cousins year after year, some of whom worked at neighbouring farms, but if you were to put them all together, you would have the group such as in the photo.

“Sheila would be a good person to ask, but I don’t know how to contact her.”

Can any Peeps readers put Pat in touch with Sheila Ayres I wonder? If you can help please drop Pat Seale a line to [email protected] or through Peeps and I’ll pass the information on. It would be lovely to put names to all the faces in David’s photograph.