A one-day exhibition called Harvesting The Light is being held at Farnham Memorial Hall in West Street, Farnham, on Saturday from 10am until 5.30pm.

The exhibition’s theme is very relevant in these times when there is a need to refer to a simpler and less destructive way of living.

Margie O’Brien’s very vibrant oil paintings are a visual feast which celebrate the joy of nature’s abundance, the transience of ripening and the beauty of quirky imperfections.

The show’s protagonists are larger-than-life fruits and vegetables depicted in scintillating light. These roots, shoots and fruits have been home-grown, picked at local farms or sourced at local farm shops.

The artwork has been nearly three years in preparation and thus many exotic tropical fruits from other countries have been able to be included.

The display has been curated with families and children in mind so it is wholesome, fun, educational and interactive - an ideal family outing for the summer holidays.

The pop-up gallery at the Farnham Memorial Hall has free parking on site and easy access. The artist will be in attendance and ready to discuss her work.