A decade of helping hundreds of Altonians to take control of their finances has paid off for a debt advice service.

A special celebration and buffet was held at Harvest Church to mark ten years of the Alton Debt Centre (ADC).

The ADC has helped more than 100 households to go debt-free since being launched in partnership with Christians Against Poverty in 2014.

Their support and guidance has restored hope, saved family relationships, improved mental health and changed many local lives for the better.

“Debt can be easy to fall into and hard to get out of without expert help, especially with how high the costs of essentials are,” said Steve Hannington, ADC manager.

“We have helped many people who have had to borrow to pay for essentials, regularly skipped meals, and gone without their basic needs.

“So we want to give huge praise to everyone in debt who has contacted us for help, worked with our team, and are now debt-free or making progress towards achieving that aim.”

Mr Hannington went on to thank the team and the volunteers from nine churches who have spent “countless hours” supporting people in need over the last decade.

He’s also keen to raise further awareness of ADC and its free debt advice as people continue to struggle with the high cost of living.

He added: “It’s vital we continue our work, which is far from over.

“You can play your part by donating to Christians Against Poverty so we can help more people.”