Birdworld, the UK’s largest bird park located on the A325 just outside of Farnham, has revealed details of the largest expansion in its 54-year history.  

The major investment will include a complete rebranding of the park, with work forecast to begin in 2025 subject to planning approval.

It will coincide with an upgrade to the neighbouring Haskins’ Forest Lodge Garden Centre, and aims to create a year-round destination for visitors.

Learning opportunities will be weaved throughout the park through an enchanting ‘fantasy forest’ concept, with play areas and information points poised for imaginative play. 

Perhaps the most impressive of the newly revealed plans will be the 1,000 square foot indoor play area, making Birdworld the largest indoor play zone offering regionally.

There, children will be able to safely play on a woodland-inspired structure and outside, children will be allowed to let their imagination run wild in a magical village. 

The central play area will be themed around birds’ nests and will feature raised installations to explore, rope bridges, and fun interactive areas including climbing structures. 

Other proposed new features include an enhanced focus on accessible play, with new installations around the park ensuring they are access-friendly. 

Further improvements include a refurbished café and relocated and newly designed entrance.

Matt Hill, Birdworld and Farnham development director said: “This exciting expansion welcomes a new chapter in Birdworld’s rich and much-loved history. 

“This transformation is not just a renovation, but a reinvention, creating a vibrant, year-round destination that will change the way families will learn through play.”