Birdworld has unveiled a very eye-catching new arrival to celebrate its new immersive Love + Colour experience. He is bright, vibrant and very pink.

The life-size model flamingo named Ken is painted in the “world’s pinkest pink”, a shade made famous by British artist Stuart Semple.

Ken made his debut at Birdworld’s Flamingo Cove on April 25 on National Flamingo Day. To see Ken you must be quick though. His stay at Birdworld is short as he is going up for auction to raise money for Flamingo conservation.

Ken the model flamingo
Ken the model flamingo (Birdworld)

Mandy Glass, team leader of conservation education at Birdworld, said: “Flamingos around the world are facing decline, with four of the six species becoming a conservation concern due to human disturbance of their feeding and breeding grounds. We introduced Ken to Birdworld not only to raise vital funds for these magnificent birds but also to address the frequently asked question: 'Why are flamingos so pink?'

“To put it simply, flamingos are hatched white, but they soon acquire their vibrant pink colour from their diet of shrimp, plankton, and algae, which contains pigments that dye their feathers. As the chicks grow, they gradually become pinker, reaching their brightest hue when fully grown – the pinkest of pinks!”

Love + Colour is a free immersive experience included with admission. The official launch celebrations take place from May 25 to June 2.

Birdworld marketing manager Woodies Wheeler-Bennett said: “The team have had a brilliant time welcoming Ken to the flock. Although we are sure his new flamingo friends would be disappointed to say goodbye, we are excited to raise vital funds for flamingo conservation through the upcoming auction.

“More information on the auction will be announced soon, but in the meantime, please come visit Birdworld and see Ken for yourself before he flies off to his new home.”