BROWNIES and Guides from two of Alton’s villages came together to film and record a song, designed to highlight the need for a new sports centre in Alton to meet the needs of the wider sporting community.

Composed and written by the girls of 1st Medstead Guides and 2nd Four Marks and Medstead Brownies, the song is entitled ’Save our Sports’.

According to Gwen Clifford, unit leader Brownies and Guides Four Marks and Medstead, the girls have been working on the module ‘Girls Matter Hear Our Voice’ which is all about getting girls involved in the political process and democracy.

She said: “All of the Brownies and Guides are active sports participants in a range of clubs and value what is currently on offer at the sports xentre.

“They are fully aware of the new development, they know that it will be smaller than what we currently have and they think that it should be bigger and better and offer more sports opportunities for everyone in our community.

“They are also aware that there has been no substantive public consultation and they think they should have been consulted too. The song is their collective voice.

“It contains most of the sports they would like to have at the centre.”

And she added: “We undertook our own survey, they created posters and conducted personal interviews.”

Save Our Sports

We love our sport, we love to dance

Everybody needs a chance

Take part in sport, learn skills for life

Sport’s a way to be rid of strife

We love to run, we love to walk

Everyone likes to sit and talk

The baby crèche is so much fun

Sport’s accessible for everyone


Netball, football, hockey, rugby too

Squash and tennis, ping-pong, yoga all for you

Cycling, climbing, badminton and judo too

Twirling, trampolining

GREAT for the heart and GOOD for you

We love to swim, we love our gym

Everyone can learn to win

It’s taking part that’s all we need

Sport can help us ALL succeed

We love the spa, time to relax

Sauna, steam room, bubbly bath

Whatever sport it is your call

We want our centre to have it ALL


We have a voice, we love our sport

Want the best with choice of course

It makes you smart, it keeps you trim