ARE YOU thinking of taking the plunge with your business idea this year?

If so, support is on hand, as a Tilford man has co-founded the Vantage Network – which brings entrepreneurial people together to assist with start-ups and small businesses.

Henry Kay works as a client account manager in the automotive industry. He grew up by Cambridge and came to Farnham to study a degree in animation at the University for the Creative Arts. He now lives in Tilford.

As well as his day job, Henry had an idea for a healthy food product and created his first business and product, In The Buff.

The business led to Henry co-founding the Vantage Network with Ben Reynolds.

The network was born out of an ideology that individuals looking to start up on their own should have guidance and motivation from people they can relate to, coupled with knowledge and guidance from experts.

The network has recently published its first book, The Vantage Chronicles, which features an insight into entrepreneurs who are successful in their ventures but still building an empire.

Told in their own words, they discuss the reasons for setting up on their own, how they did it, when they did it and talk honestly about the good, the bad and the ugly bits of their journey.

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