TWO women were left needing medical attention after tripping over the social-distancing bollards on Downing Street last week.

One witness contacted the Herald to describe hearing "a scream and a groan" after one woman tripped.

She said: "She fell and hit her face so hard her teeth went through her bottom lip.

"The nail bar staff and I assisted her and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

"I then returned to the salon ten minutes later and I saw a lady trip yet again on the same stand. Luckily she managed to keep her balance.

"What I didn’t see, but saw after the event, was the lady had tripped yet again, outside the estate agents on the opposite side of the road and this time was seriously hurt. The beauty salon took her in - her nose had no skin left on it and to me looked broken.

"Her husband was taking her to hospital as didn’t want to go in ambulance.

"Something has to be done now to stop more people getting hurt."

Chloe Castles, manager at La Femme beauty salon on the corner of Downing Street, assisted the two women involved in the accidents.

She said: "As a community looking after everybody, you just want to make sure everyone is okay.

"People obviously are concerned - they don’t want to have to worry it is going to happen again.

"The councils need to make what is there now a lot more effective and efficient rather, than just a little plastic bollard."

A spokesperson for Surrey County Council confirmed: "The measures will remain in Downing Street and Castle Street to maintain an improved pedestrian experience in the town centre."

A previous statement from Tim Oliver confirmed the Farnham Infrastructure Programme was looking at "permanent ways" to improve the town centre for pedestrians, with the wider pavements retained as an "interim measure".

Farnham Town Council leader John Neale added: "The town council is aware of these incidents and regrets the reports of injuries and people’s concerns.

"We are discussing the situation with the highway authority to see what changes can be made. The pavement-widening measures are continually under review and there will be an announcement about any planned changes."