TOASTS were made to a stalwart of the Petersfield community last Friday as dozens joined a charity walk in memory of Jon Walker.

If anyone needed a reminder of Jon’s standing in the town, they saw it on the streets of Petersfield, Steep and Sheet.

The numbers that joined the circular walks from The Townhouse, Harrow Inn and Queen’s Head were a testament to the rugby-loving father who died from cancer in March, aged 61.

Among the people who walked for The Rosemary Foundation in the reporter’s memory were his son, Adam, mayor Cllr JC Cressey, and organisers Beth Svarovska and Malinka van der Gaauw.

Walker Walk Rosemary Foundation
The Townhouse group outside the Rosemary Foundation office on Lavant Street (Tindle/Paul Ferguson)

Figures from the town council, museum, Petersfield Society, Lion & Unicorn Players and many other groups and retailers also joined the evening stroll in his memory.

The party also included nurses from the Rosemary Foundation and a woman Jon helped find accommodation for.

Walkers Walk Rosemary Harrow
Rosemary Foundation nurses and their friends raise a glass to the late reporter at The Harrow Inn (Beth Svarovska)

Memories were shared and pint glasses were raised with orders of the ‘Walkers Walk’ amber bitter flying out at the Queen’s Head.

Funds are still being counted but whatever the figure, it’s true to say the walk was the perfect toast to one of the town’s favourite sons.

“Our chats became more than just recording for the P-Pod after a while,” said his friend and Shine radio presenter Joff Lacey.

“Tonight means a lot – let’s have a lot of fun this evening.”

That we did. It’s what Jon would have wanted.