“Yet another ghastly building eyesore to behold”, say Chawton residents who are objecting to a new care home planning application.

East Hampshire District Council officers have recommended the approval of two three-storey buildings comprising 67 care bedrooms and 28 care home apartments with an associated public open space.

The development would be on land adjacent to Winchester Road and the A339 with the A31 to the south.

In its council documents, developer Highwood Homes Ltd said the home “creates a comfortable living environment for residents”.

“Most ground floor bedrooms will have direct access to outside space, and a number of safe external terraces will be provided for first and second floor residents.

“Bedrooms are arranged to avoid bedroom doors being opposite each other. The home will offer a variety of lounge, dining and communal spaces, encouraging activities and providing choice of destinations to residents.

“Bedroom sizes exceed statutory minimums to facilitate varied bed position options, maintaining direct views both to the window and ensuite WC facilities.

“There will be social benefits from the proposed development through the provision of elderly residential care allowing families to remain in close proximity to one another while also freeing up housing within the local area.”

The application has received 32 representations from the public with no supporting comments.

One comment read: “The triangular piece of land concerned is on the periphery of Jane Austen’s Chawton and would be yet another ghastly building eyesore to behold prior to entering this very special village.

“Another extremely important point is that the proposed land is very prone to flooding and totally unsuitable for development.

“Alton is struggling badly with medical provision to the now over-subscribed population.

“Parking will be a major problem and Winchester Road is a thoroughfare to Chawton for walkers, cyclists and runners. It must not be clogged up by parked cars.”

Another comment read: “If this application was permitted, it will effectively remove the gap and place Alton directly on Chawton’s perimeter, thus merging the settlements. Chawton starts at the builders’ merchants just beyond the application.”