Whitehill Town Council leader Andy Tree has taken exception to claims the town regeneration is going ahead at ‘a relentless pace’.

His hackles were raised after a recent meeting of partners in the regeneration programme when East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) leader Richard Millard said: “Since the army left Bordon, it has undergone an incredible transformation at a relentless pace.”

Responding, Cllr Tree said: “I think his comment is somewhat premature and out of touch with many residents. I do not want EHDC to simply gloss over concerns and things that have not gone according to plan.

“I have no issue with anyone talking up the town I love and recognising positives such as Oakmoor School that my sons go to and the start, with an emphasis on start, to the new town centre

“I remain cautiously optimistic about the future of Whitehill & Bordon and I want the regeneration to succeed and for this to be a great place for us all to live.

“But it is vital that those in power understand the views of residents, positive and negative, and the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party will ensure a community voice is heard.”

At the partnership event, Cllr Millard said: “In 2015 we had ambitious plans to transform the town, and now, in 2023, you can see the huge impact our partnership has had, bringing incredible facilities, jobs and life-changing opportunities delivered by working collaboratively and engaging with the community.

“And there are lots of exciting projects to come and the town will reap the benefits of this ground-breaking partnership for years to come.”