Frankie’s Fish and Chips in Grayshott has been announced as one of the top ten local businesses in the UK, as part of Nextdoor’s Neighbourhood Faves Awards.

Owner, Aziz Kazim – known by many customers as ‘Frankie’, said: “It’s amazing to be announced as a winner. I’ve never put myself forward for an award before, I’ve left it to people to recommend us to their friends and families, so it really means a lot.”

Before running Frankie’s, Aziz and his wife had a fish and chip shop in London. Aziz said: “I’ve been in the business a long time. Since I left school I’ve been in catering. We wanted to move out of London, and a friend told us about this place. It wasn’t advertised for sale anywhere.”

Aziz and his wife bought and rebranded the premises and say there’s a great community supporting them and their children, who also work in the shop. Many of their regulars are from other local businesses, including the butcher, greengrocer, and people who work at the local café.

Aziz said: “We just try to be consistent. You can’t be perfect, but you can be consistent, and that’s what we aim for. When people recommend you, there’s a pressure to be as good as they say you are, otherwise it can be embarrassing for them, so we try to be consistent.”

Laura Roche, managing director of Nextdoor UK said: “Local businesses are the heart of our local communities and I’m thrilled that Nextdoor has been able to play a huge help in giving Aziz and the Frankie’s Fish and Chips team the recognition they deserve. This is only the start of a very exciting initiative to launch in the UK, and we look forward to recognising more local businesses in the years to come.”

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