Comedian, travel writer and columnist Dom Joly, best known for Trigger Happy TV, will bring Dom Joly – The Conspiracy Tour to Farnham Maltings on February 29 at 7.30pm.

Conspiracy theories used to be fun but now they’ve gone mainstream, and this show will provide a hilarious, fascinating and slightly anarchic guide to the wacky world of conspiracies.

Having travelled the globe looking into some of the strangest and weirdest conspiracy theories in existence for his new book The Conspiracy Tourist: Travels Through a Strange World, Dom is now ready to reveal his findings.

But in the spirit of fairness, Dom will invite well known and highly respected conspiracy theorist Dr Julian Northcote to take the stage and defend the alternate view.

They will address some of the questions that have been troubling many people for years: Is the Earth flat? Does Finland exist? Are UFOs piloted by lizards?

For tickets, priced £27, call the box office on 01252 745444 or visit