Community store opens its doors in Haslemere

By Daniel Gee   |   Head of Content   |
Friday 22nd May 2020 8:40 am
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Haslemere Hall ()

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A NEW community-led initiative, the Haslemere Community Store, has launched in Haslemere Hall to support those who have fallen on hard times because of Covid-19.

The Community Store is a temporary volunteer-run community project, operating out of the hall two mornings each week – Mondays and Thursdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

It has been set up to help to residents who find themselves in need of food and household supplies during the Covid-19 emergency – and is open to anyone also using Haslemere food bank who has additional need.

The store will secure some supplies through the FareShare scheme, thereby reducing food waste and providing support in Haslemere and surrounding villages.

Haslemere’s Surrey county councillor Nikki Barton has been working in collaboration with Haslemere Hall, Haslemere Community Kitchen, Haslemere Help and the food bank, with the support of Haslemere Town Council to launch the store.

Cllr Barton told the Herald: “The Haslemere Community Store is intended to complement the invaluable work of the Haslemere food bank. The food bank continues to provide vital support for the vulnerable and those experiencing hardship.

“I understand there has been a significant increase in referrals to the food bank during the Covid-19 crisis. There has also been a surge in donations from Haslemere’s extremely generous residents and local supermarkets.”

The Haslemere Community Store is planning to make an additional collection for donations around the town once a week on behalf of both the food bank and the Community Store.

Haslemere Help volunteers have been recruited to help run the store, which can provide a variety of food, toiletries and household products free of charge to support people living in Haslemere.

Strict social distancing will be observed, with no walk-ins. If you need help, book a slot to visit by either calling or texting the helpline on 07873 383954 or by emailing [email protected]

The Haslemere Food Bank provides emergency food support to local individuals and families. It was set up through the collaboration of local churches, though is now run by a management team and a pool of volunteers representing the whole community.

People in need of food support are referred by local agencies as the need arises.

If people need help with food, and are in touch with the Health Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau, 3 Counties Money Advice, their child’s school, local churches, or any of those agencies which work to support people at times of difficulty, just ask to be referred and the Food Bank will help.

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