Conford to be grazed Moor to be divided by electric fences


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CONFORD Moor on the Headley Road is to be divided into six sections so cattle can graze there - if residents agree.

The moor, about one-and-a-half miles outside Liphook on the B3004, was part of a 231-acre bequest to the National Trust in 1948, and until the 1960s grazing cattle kept scrub in check.

Since around 2010 the trust has used tractor-mounted brush cutters to stop scrub getting out of hand.

National Trust spokesman Lucinda Finlay said: "Since the grazing ceased it has become invaded by trees and scrub, resulting in a decline in rare species and nature conservation interest.

"Management by mechanical means may not be sustainable in the future.

"The reintroduction of grazing animals will help conserve the landscape and keep areas open, and thus encourage more diversity of flora and fauna species."

It is planned to divide the moor into six grazing areas using one-metre high two-strand electric fencing. Water troughs will be installed in each area, and the cattle will graze them in turn.

The grazing areas won’t include the moor’s bridleway, and gates will allow walkers access to the sections with cattle in.

Under section 29 of the National Trust Act 1907, it is permitted to install temporary fencing for up to five years to restore the landscape and improve nature conservation.

The National Trust will be hosting an open day on Conford Moor early in 2022 to explain more about the proposals.

In the meantime, for details email [email protected]

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