Conservative Donna Jones was re-elected Hampshire and Isle of Wight police and crime commissioner (PCC) in emphatic fashion.

The former leader of Portsmouth City Council received 175,953, just shy of 70,000 votes more than Labour’s Becky Williams.

Liberal Democrats candidate Brad Pains came third with 92,843 votes and Don Jerrard, who represented The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, came fourth with 40,961 votes.

The PCC election saw 14 local area counts take place across the county and island on Friday, May 3.

Ms Jones received the most votes in 11 of these mini-counts, including in East Hampshire.

Ms Williams led the voting in Rushmoor, where she is a councillor, and Southampton, which has a large Labour majority on the city council.

Mr Bains topped the voting in Eastleigh, an area where the borough council is dominated by his party.

The Liberal Democrats are targeting Winchester as a potential gain in the general election, with a 7.08 per cent swing needed to win the parliamentary constituency. Their PCC candidate came second to the Conservatives by just 447 votes in Winchester.

The overall turnout for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight police area was 28.38 per cent.

A breakdown of how each local area voted in the PCC election on Thursday, May 2, can be found below.

Basingstoke and Deane

Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 7,971

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 4,611

Donna Jones (Con) 17,714

Becky Williams (Lab) 13,013

Turnout: 31.9 per cent

East Hampshire

Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 5,022

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,271

Donna Jones (Con) 10,416

Becky Williams (Lab) 3,765

Turnout: 22.3 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 11,703

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,820

Donna Jones (Con) 11,583

Becky Williams (Lab) 5,667

Turnout: 31.2 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 7,176

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,800

Donna Jones (Con) 16,072

Becky Williams (Lab) 5,603

Turnout: 35.9 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 4,745

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,276

Donna Jones (Con) 9,886

Becky Williams (Lab) 3,911

Turnout: 33.9 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 7,117

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,404

Donna Jones (Con) 10,591

Becky Williams (Lab) 4,767

Turnout: 33.8 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 5,090

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 3,021

Donna Jones (Con) 12,103

Becky Williams (Lab) 6,933

Turnout: 29.1 per cent

Isle of Wight

Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 2,014

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,051

Donna Jones (Con) 8,997

Becky Williams (Lab) 4,973

Turnout: 16.41 per cent

New Forest

Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 4,685

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 3,044

Donna Jones (Con) 13,855

Becky Williams (Lab) 4,990

Turnout: 19.09 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 8,627

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 4,565

Donna Jones (Con) 14,117

Becky Williams (Lab) 13,695

Turnout: 27.9 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 2,384

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 1,657

Donna Jones (Con) 8,345

Becky Williams (Lab) 9,746

Turnout: 33.6 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 6,585

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 4,373

Donna Jones (Con) 16,096

Becky Williams (Lab) 19,893

Turnout: 29.5 per cent

Test Valley

Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 4,532

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,224

Donna Jones (Con) 10,539

Becky Williams (Lab) 4,092

Turnout: 21.58 per cent


Prad Bains (Lib Dem) 15,192

Don Jerrard (TJ&ACP) 2,574

Donna Jones (Con) 15,639

Becky Williams (Lab) 5,093

Turnout: 40.3 per cent