After much campaigning by MPs, the Government has set out changes to its ambitious Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill that aim to rebalance the housing market towards local people in places like Cornwall. 

As well as allowing council tax increases on second homes, the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill will enable local authorities to set up registration schemes for short term lets, and a review of planning laws will be undertaken to see how places like Cornwall might be able to control the number of short term lets.

This will reduce competition in the housing market from those looking to invest in holiday lets, and hopefully encourage more owners to rent long-term to local tenants.  

Reacting, MP for North Cornwall Scott Mann said: “Tourism benefits our local economy and it is great to share our beautiful part of the world with others, but few would disagree that we need to rebalance our local housing market back towards local people.  Many towns in Cornwall have become overrun by huge numbers of holiday lets and AirBnBs. We are seeing the terrible consequences of this, with people unable to find anywhere to live locally and businesses struggling to recruit staff. 

"I have been campaigning hard for reforms to our housing and planning policy and I am very happy the government has taken action. There is more to be done, of course, but this is something that will deliver tangible results for local people in the future. I am proud to be part of a Government that is aware of our housing challenges and is trying to solve them.”