RESIDENTS and councillors have formed a united front against a garage company, looking into the legalities of new parking permits imposed on the Sandy Hill estate in Upper Hale.

As reported in the Herald in February, garage company Dudrich Holdings Ltd had begun charging residents of Lyall Place for parking bays outside their homes – with upfront costs totalling more than £150.

And while it appeared the company was charging only for spaces on Lyall Place, parking bays have now been marked out in Eton Place – with the company also advertising spaces on Barrie Road, MacDonald Road and Brougham Place.

In a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, Waverley borough councillor Peter Marriott and Surrey county councillor Stephen Spence spoke with concerned residents on a potential plan of action, supported by Cathy Burroughs of the Hale Community Centre.

Councillor Marriott confirmed he had been speaking with a “top London law firm”, who asked the team for a set of residents who had been directly affected by the parking permits who were willing to speak to the solicitor – possibly those with an inability to pay, or had a vital need of a space outside their home.

The group confirmed South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt had been approached, who later confirmed he had written to Dudrich Holdings, requesting that “given the very challenging times we are currently living in, would they consider rethinking the charges”.

Speaking on behalf of his neighbour, Eton Place resident Kevin Carron described his neighbour’s car as “their lifeline”, adding they “struggle to put the money together for pay for what they have now”.

Described by Councillor Stephen Spence as a “greyhound out of its trap”, the group recognised how the company had failed to consider “people on pensions, people being furloughed or those on a loss of income”.

In a bid to secure names and individual stories for the solicitor, a community Zoom meeting is set to be held next Thursday (August 6), chaired by Surrey county councillor Stephen Spence.

* Anyone who has been affected by the parking permits at Sandy Hill, and who would be interested in attending the community meeting, should email [email protected] or phone the Hale Community Centre on 01252 722362.

* Anyone who has a case to put forward to the solicitor should email Councillor Peter Marriott at [email protected]

* Dudrich Holdings Ltd was approached by the Herald but had not offered a comment at the time of going to print.