A YOUNG motorcyclist had a lucky escape when the AJS he was riding collided with a black Audi A3 on Friday.

Thomas Byrne, 24, was riding along Normandy Street, towards Alton, when an elderly driver travelling out of Alton attempted to turn right into Papermill Lane and the collision occurred. Riding on 'L' plates, the motorcyclist was thrown from his bike into the road.

Jackie Byrne said her son was taken by ambulance to Anstey Park, and from there by air to Frimley Park Hospital. He had a smashed arm and wrist and now has plates and pins in both. He was released from hospital on Sunday and is recovering at home in Holybourne.

Mrs Byrne thanked all those who tended her son, especially an off-duty paramedic and nurse. Also a couple who took care of Mr Byrne's son, so that the child's mother could follow him to hospital.

The accident occurred At 1.45pm at the junction of Papermill Lane with Normandy Street, Alton, at around 1.45pm.

Papermill Lane and one carriageway of Anstey Road were closed following the collision until around 3pm.