A magical dance performance for children aged four and above is promised when The Greenhouse comes to the outside space at Farnham Maltings on Saturday at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

The Greenhouse takes a look at the magical world of the senses of plants, tying science into a playful dance show that can pop up in any green space.

Join Pimpernell and Peppina in exploring some of the wonderful stories of the plant world. Discover how the apple tree makes sure all its apples are red at the same time. Find out what secret messenger system the willow tree uses to fight off the caterpillar and explore what plants need to grow and survive.

The show has been created by Sophie Nüzel, a German choreographer based in the UK who makes narrative-based dance theatre work, primarily for young children, families and cross-generational audiences and casts.

She aims to create pieces that let the audience enter and experience work through all senses – work that is full of atmosphere and magic. It is often calm and sensitive, while still being playful, and aims to encourage people to use their imagination and go on a journey.

For tickets visit the website farnhammaltings.com