Folk artist Lucy Farrell is appearing at the West End Centre in Aldershot on March 25 at 8pm.

The Kent-born, Canada-based singer-songwriter has just released her debut album We Are Only Sound.

Odd, unconventional melodies, poetic, sophisticated song writing and the bewitching clarity of Lucy’s voice are made elegant with sparse, careful accompaniment on tenor guitar and occasionally viola, carving out a unique niche for an artist at the forefront of current English folk music.

Lucy said: “The feel of the album, well, it’s about being at home and working stuff out – relationship stuff, and then working out being a mum.

“This is how I work through my feelings and wonderings, in songs. And there’s quite a lot of wonderings in them, not answers.

“Maybe people have mostly heard me do traditional songs but this album is all things I’ve written. These songs are influenced by tradition, and then of course my love of songwriters generally – Adrianne Lenker, Kate Bush and Richard Thompson.”

The album by the 2017 Radio 2 folk award winner, who plays viola, fiddle and tenor guitar, also includes the sounds of Nick Drake’s acoustic guitar and piano. It was recorded at a venue provided by Nick’s sister Gabrielle Drake.

For tickets – priced £12 in advance or £15 on the door – call 01252 330040 or visit