EIGHT-year-old friends Jago Rodger and Oliver Cobbett are on a mission to take 500,000 steps between them in March.

The two pupils from Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School in Holybourne are doing a challenge called Step Forward to End Homelessness for the charity Crisis.

Jago’s mother Kerry Banks said: “Their aim was to set a target of steps to try to complete during the month of March to raise money for Crisis to help them end homelessness. Both the boys decided to set a target of 250,000 steps between them.

“They have matching Minecraft watches which they wear every day to count their steps. Their enthusiasm right from the start has been incredible. They both walk to and from school every day anyway, but have taken this to a whole new level.

“While walking to school they zigzag instead of walking in a straight line, to rack up extra steps, and every break time at school they can be seen doing laps of the school playing field. They both get very cross when it’s wet and they haven’t been able to go outside.”

Kerry was amazed by their commitment. She said: “I thought that their enthusiasm would wane after a week or two, but they are still going strong – so much so that they have already smashed their steps target after just two weeks, and are now aiming to hit 500,000 steps between them by March 31.

“Both myself and Ollie’s parents, Lauren and James, are so incredibly proud of them.

“When I asked them why it was so important, both boys said ‘Homelessness is just awful so we want to do something to end it. But also it’s really fun!’.”

To sponsor Oliver and Jago, visit https://stepforward. crisis.org.uk/fundraising/ollie-and-jagos-fundraising-page