A COMMUNITY book box has been installed just outside Fernhurst Primary School.

The school is on a mission to ensure a love of reading for all children, as well as sustainability in projects they are part of.

They have joined a book guardian project and are the first school to sign up to the project.

The pupils and team at Fernhurst joined the 21 signed-up Simple Life resident book guardians, giving more than 2,000 homes the opportunity to share and access free books.

Having learned about the book guardian project on social media, Fernhurst headteacher Jennifer Thornton felt the initiative sat firmly and comfortably alongside the school’s values and goals in relation to sustainability, outdoor learning and reading.

The specially-designed book box has been installed close to the school, with easy access for all in the community.

Environmental, social and corporate governance director Niamh Waldron thoroughly enjoyed meeting the pupils, talking about their reading and favourite books, and learning more about the plans for growing a vibrant reading culture in the school, something close to her heart.

Niamh said: "A love of, and confidence engaging with, words and reading is so important to developing a love of learning across all areas of the curriculum.

"Strong skills, important life skills, in this area set strong platforms upon which all can thrive, and we are thrilled to be able to support."

The book box is situated outside of the school for all the community to access. It is a two-tiered home to books, with books for children and adults.

It is designed as a book swap facility, so if anyone has finished a book they can take it along to swap with something new.

Fernhurst Primary School loves reading and hopes to support the wider community in accessing a range of free books to keep everybody reading.