More than 97 per cent of parents in Hampshire have been offered a place for their child at one of their three preferences for a secondary school in September, according to county figures.

Of those who applied for a Year 7 place by the application deadline, 90 per cent were offered a place at their first preference school. 

The county council received 15,400 on-time applications this year – an increase of 418 applications compared to the number received for places in September 2022 (14,982).

Councillor Steve Forster, the county council’s executive member for education, said: “Nationally, there have been greater pressures this year than for some time because of a spike in the birth rate 11 years ago. 

“This is reflected in the local picture for Hampshire, where again we have had to manage exceptional levels of demand for school places over and above those we already typically see. 

“Despite this, our admissions team has still been able to deliver another fantastic result, with the vast majority of parents being offered one of their preferences. 

“For those parents and carers who have not secured a place at one of their preferred secondary schools this year, I would urge them to visit our website for advice and guidance on their options.”

Pupils who did not secure a place at one of their preferred schools have been allocated a place at their catchment school or the next nearest available school. 

Parents have the right to appeal in these situations and their child’s name will be added to the waiting list for their preferred schools. 

Places can become available via the waiting list for various reasons including parents changing their mind, or families moving home.