HERMIA loves Lysander. Lysander loves Hermia. But Demetrius loves Hermia. And Helena loves Demetrius. They all run away into the woods where the mischievous fairy Puck has plenty of tricks in store for them. Meanwhile the local cricket team is getting together to rehearse a play.

Join Scoot Theatre and House for their outdoor, 60-minute, family-friendly production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, visiting Farnham Cricket Club – via the Farnham Maltings – on July 28 and Headley Cricket Club – via The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre – on July 31.

Six actor-musicians present one of Shakespeare’s favourite comedies with a Scoot spin. Get ready for confusion, chaos and costume changes. Expect music, magic and cricket bat sword fights.

Scoot brings exciting, family-friendly theatre to unexpected spaces. It is an intentionally broad church in terms of output, proudly offering a variety of work. It has an outward-looking, community-based focus and is passionate about engaging new audiences.

The shows will be presented by House, which is an initiative of the Farnham Maltings.

Farnham Maltings director Gavin Stride said: “House strives to bring the best new theatre from some of the country’s best companies to new audiences across the south-east.

“We have challenged venues to explore taking performance to new places in their towns to better interact with audiences who wouldn’t normally consider attending theatre in the usual spaces.

“This has already helped venue programmers start new conversations with sport clubs and public authorities who haven’t previously seen their space as a venue for theatre.

“We hope these shows in new spaces will attract new and returning audiences and make them hungry to see what else is happening in their local venue throughout the rest of the year.”

House was established in 2012 as a venue network to improve the range, quality and scale of theatre presented across the south east and eastern England. It has now created a network of 170 venues, and 112 productions have toured through House, reaching a combined audience of 86,000.

It has also provided training and networking events, as well as opportunities for aspiring artists and young people looking for employment in the arts. House’s mission is to work closely with venues to support their towns and communities to celebrate their local identity and experience high-quality cultural activity.

For more information and to book tickets visit www.scoottheatre.com