An oil painting of The Barley Mow Pub in Tilford, Farnham, has been selected to appear in an art exhibition which celebrates The Joys of Being British

The exhibition will be held at London’s Mall Galleries from March 13 to 18 and showcases work by professional artist Francis Salvesen.

Oil painter Francis Salvesen
Oil painter Francis Salvesen (Francis Salvesen)

“There is so much about Britain to feel joyous about,” said Francis, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. “I thought it about time we celebrate them!”

Among the work on display will be paintings of an NHS nurse, British traditions, such as playing conkers and cheese-rolling, native wildlife, such as grouse and red squirrels, and a portrait of the Princess of Wales.

Oil painter Francis Salvesen's portrait of the Princess of Wales
Oil painter Francis Salvesen's portrait of the Princess of Wales (Francis Salvesen)

Francis said: “The Barley Mow overlooks one of the most picturesque village cricket grounds in the country — a scene which is made all the more beautiful because of the historic pub, which dates back to the early 1700s. 

“It is all together quintessentially British. Village cricket began in medieval times, but the earliest known reference to the game was in 1550 in Surrey. I couldn’t have an exhibition themed around Britain without including cricket and a village pub, and this wonderful scene at Barley Mow captures both!”