After a weekend of wind and rain, a welcoming comfort was to be found inside Camberley Theatre on an otherwise cold, wet, Monday night.

There’s something very special about hearing the squeals and shrieks of delighted children (and some adults!) as they excitedly take their seats and settle down for a good old fashioned pantomime.

As soon as the curtains open, to the first of many gorgeous sets, it was obvious this was going to be an evening of fun and laughter (along with a few scary bits), in other words – panto at it’s very best.

The adults already know the story line but the twists in this modern version worked wonderfully.

Poor, orphaned Cinderella (played beautifully be Rebecca Harris) is bullied by her two step sisters – Mona (Suzi Budd) and Lisa (Thomas Andrew Smith).

From the moment the sisters walk on stage, brightly dressed in fabulous costumes, dragging suitcases, (returning from their trip to Costa Del Cobham), they are hilarious.

There a jokes a plenty in this show, all the quickfire gags are crystal clear too – the great sound is essential to keep up the pace and not miss a punchline!

The real baddie is Mona and Lisa’s mother, Baroness Hardup – Matt Ian Kelly lights up the stage with this role (one child couldn’t help but shout ‘I hate you!’ at one point) and his ‘Vogue’ routine was a delight.

The good natured Buttons (Jack Anthony Smart) probably had most of the time on stage, and how lucky we were, as the warmth of his performance really did make us feel we were all his pals.

There are some gifted singers in this cast too – Jack Anthony Smart being one of them. Cal Plant, (the Prince) and Thomas Andrew Smith also have impressive voices, as does Rebecca Harris who’s charming Scottish accent brought a new dimension to the Cinderella character.

Emma Woodham who plays the Fairy Godmother, glittered and sparkled marvellously. It’s amazing to watch the actors jump and dance around before singing faultlessly.

Once again, as in previous years, special mention must go to Suzi Budd who also directed the show and Thomas Andrew Smith who is the choreographer.

All in all a fabulous, classic evening of family fun, the Christmas tradition of pantomime – something Camberley Theatre delivers brilliantly year on year!

‘Cinderella’ runs at Camerley Theatre until December 31.

Review by Clare Ritchie