OMG, so much pink and fluff!

But appearances can be deceptive, and once the girls of Delta Nus were strutting their stuff on the Assembly Rooms stage the audience were guaranteed of a top musical with high-energy numbers, depth, humour and a genuine feel good factor.

This high-calibre production of Legally Blonde: The Musical was AODS at its best with the show telling the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who enrols at Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner.

Few characters have faith in Elle, but she manages to surprise and defies expectations while staying true to herself and discovering how her knowledge of the law can help others. 

The heavy-on-pink set was simplistic but effective, giving the cast plenty of scope for the many musical/dance numbers. 

AODS welcomed back Sue Sampson as director, adding a dramatic flair which brought out the depth of the story, while every dance was sharp thanks to some fantastic choreography by Anna Lang. Each number was packed with energy with debutant musical director Sophie Borrell leading small and a talented band.

The line-up of principals and supporting roles was simply fabulous with fellow AODS newbie Sam Brown getting the lead role. She played the not-so-dumb Elle to perfection and shined as the super bubbly, energetic and warm performer.

Dan Wigmore and Nick Main contrasted against Elle excellently as the lawyers and love interests – Warner Huntingdon III and Emmett Forest, respectively.  

Supporting roles of Vivienne and Paulette were played by actors – Sapphire Heath and Annie Veneti, respectively - who know how to sing and pulled off the vocals beautifully.  

AODS Legally Blonde PIC2
Don't be put off by the pink and fluff: there's real warmth and joy in this excellent AODS production (AODS)

There were no weak roles but Rebecca Norton as Brooke Wyndham was another stand-out performer, displaying a Herculean feat of singing and dancing whilst mastering the art of skipping!

Martin Sampson also shined as the pompous, smooth and manipulative law professor in his stride and Arabella Davis played their role as a strong, passionate and outwardly feminist law student with great comic timing.

Two good boys who also deserve a mention are canine actors Bruiser (Teddy Main) and Rufus (Roman) who were well-disciplined, followed the script perfectly and caused much “oohing and aahing”.

The show runs until May 18 with a matinee on Saturday, tickets are available from

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