A new air source heat pump and solar energy system has been installed at the Memorial Hall in Farnham as Waverley Borough Council supports the move towards net-zero carbon by 2030.

The pump will provide heating and a PV array to supply electricity to the hall, home to The Brightwell’s Gostrey Centre and Waverley Training Services.

It should reduce carbon emissions by 40 per cent.

Cllr Steve Williams, Waverley’s portfolio holder for environment and sustainability, said: “As a council working hard to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030, it is important to cut back on our own carbon emissions.

“The new heating and electricity system is another step forward towards more sustainable energy and achieving greater energy efficiency for our buildings.  

“Not only will it improve Memorial Hall’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint but will set the trend for other buildings across Waverley.”

Waverley’s portfolio holder for finance, commerce and assets, Cllr Mark Merryweather, added: “The costs of carbon-based energy go way beyond even the inflating prices we’re all seeing in our energy bills. Decarbonising our buildings makes economic sense by reducing our bills, increasing our security, and creating broader value for our residents.”

The council has allocated £300,000 to launch action on the climate emergency and is now building zero-carbon homes, developing plans to retrofit council homes to make them more energy efficient as well as making buildings more sustainable.  The council is also supporting community energy hubs, promoting walking and cycling and sustainable transport.