How old are you and how long have you lived in Alton?

I am 84 and have lived in Alton for 62 years.

What made you choose Alton?

At the age of 12, my family moved to Binsted and I met my future husband at Amery Hill School when I was only 12½ years old. After ten years of courting, we got married at the age of 22 and that is when we moved to Alton. I haven’t left since. I have lived in three different houses and spent 44 happy years in my current home.

What do you like most about Alton?

I find Alton a very friendly town, but having gone to school here I do know a lot of people, which helps. However, even if I hadn’t grown up in Alton, I think I would still consider it a lovely place.

Tell me a little bit about your favourite time in your life.

The best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a mother. I have always loved children and worked as a lunchtime supervisory assistant at Wootey Infant School for 21 years.

Because of this love for children, my greatest joy has been as a mother and grandmother. I am lucky enough to have two children and three grandchildren, who I helped look after when they were growing up.

I have loved every moment spent with them and still do. They have all stayed in Hampshire and I am very proud of each of them. I would say my favourite times in life are those spent with them.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Since my husband died four years ago I have stopped dreaming for things in the future because we did everything together and I miss him every day.

However, I do hope to stay well so I can enjoy the time I spend with the rest of my family and I do hope to be able to continue living in my own home, which holds lots of happy memories for me.

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