Family celebrates goldfish’s 30th birthday!

Thursday 18th August 2022 6:00 am
Is this the oldest goldfish in Farnham?
(Tindle )

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Is this the oldest goldfish in the area?

It belongs to the Whelton family from Farnham – and has just passed its 30th birthday.

Richard Whelton says: “During the modest birthday celebrations, we speculated that he may be Farnham’s oldest fish.

“He was originally bought in Camberley along with two other goldfish, and was never actually given a name.

“He moved to Farnham with our family in 1996. While his original companions have long since departed, and others have come and gone, he is still going strong. The only change is that his once bright orange scales are now silvery white.

“Most evenings he enjoys watching TV, and he appears to have a love of piano music – slowing down as if to listen whenever it is played.

“If we don’t remember to feed him, he will attract our attention by swishing his tail until water flies out of his tank.

“We are uncertain why he has lived so long. Perhaps it is genetics. Perhaps it is the fastidious tank cleaning. Perhaps there is something in the Farnham water.

“Or perhaps it is simply he is waiting until he is finally given a name.

“Whatever it may be, he holds a special place in our hearts and his longevity has ensured he is a family legend – and perhaps even a Farnham legend.

“We’d be interested to know if there are any other Farnham fish as old as ours.”

So it’s over to you. Do you have a goldfish as old as this one? Send details – and perhaps a photo – to [email protected]

Legend has it that one goldfish has lived to 45 – although its age was never verified. The Guinness world record is held by Tish, from the UK, which reached 43.

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