Bracelets and rings made from objects found during a house renovation have earned a University for the Creative Arts graduate a nomination for a prestigious jewellery prize.

Linnea Thuning Hjert, from Farnham, has been nominated for the New Talents Award for her unique jewellery pieces. Made from rusty nails discovered while she was refurbishing her 1930s home in central Farnham, her pieces combined these found objects with precious stones and fragments of clothing that never made it to the charity shop.

Linnea said: “My collection was deeply influenced by these finds and aligned with my passion for creating jewellery that not only tells a story but breathes new life into what once was. The materials I worked with, such as these nails, were more than mere objects; they were fragments of the house’s history and the lives of its former occupants.”

The 45-piece collection is a celebration of life’s continuous journey, and by using stitching and casting to join the objects together Linnea also used these techniques to create different textures.

Lina Peterson, senior lecturer at UCA Farnham, nominated Linnea for the award. She said: “She’s playful in her approach and balances notions of fragility and strength.”