Farnham Maltings glass atrium has been smashed for the second time in seven months – with young catapult-wielding vandals again believed to be the culprits.

The Maltings says the latest attack happened at around 6.20pm on Monday, April 3, when a glass panel was shattered by what appears to be a ball-bearing.

This panel was itself a replacement after a similar attack on September 24 last year when numerous shops and properties in the town centre were targeted.

Unlike the first incident, the Maltings says its CCTV footage of the latest attack is “inconclusive” and it has been unable to identify anyone. However, the police are exploring other CCTV around the Maltings.

Lynsey Luthra, executive director at the Maltings, said: “We are very disappointed with this second incident which follows a rampage of vandalism in September 2022. Despite efforts by the police, the two youths who were clearly seen on our CCTV in the first incident have not been identified.

“We are a community organisation where every penny we earn is spent on running the Maltings and our wider charitable activities. It is so upsetting that we are having to bear these unexpected costs – money that takes away from our core purpose and activities.”