Farnham's Lion & Lamb Yard will soon lay claim to EIGHT cafes or restaurants – with the latest, national chain Harris+Hoole, opening its doors last week.

In a 2021 survey, Brighton was named the UK location that boasts the highest number of coffee shops per person with one coffee shop for every 800 people.

But Farnham town centre could soon contest that title after an influx of cafes and restaurants in 2023.

Harris+Hoole opened its branch in the former Goldsmiths jewellers on Thursday, August 3 and will soon be joined by Silvanna’s tea shop,  Valentino’s deli and La’ De Luxe higher up in the yard.

This adds to the Lion & Lamb Cafe, Cote Brasserie, Coffee Diem and Starbucks.

Looking at coffee shops elsewhere in Farnham, there is Heidi's at Elphick's and Costa in West Street, Gail's, Caffe Nero and Castello in Castle Street, Hamilton's, Loaf, Barista Lounge and the Electric Cycle Cafe in Downing Street, not to mention the regular appearance of Coffee Can in Gostrey Meadow.

Further out, there is Caffe Coco in Firgrove Hill, Farnham Park cafe, and the Coffee Can at The Bourne pavilion.

That adds up to 18 genuine cafes (not restaurants) in the town centre. The 2021 census registered the population of Farnham's built-up area at 20,491.

This means there will soon be a coffee shop for every 1,138 people in the town – which in 2021, would have placed Farnham fourth most in the country, ahead of Belfast, Bristol, Manchester and even London.