Some of the celebrations taking place this weekend had been in the diary for some time before the King’s coronation was announced. 

Anyone celebrating weddings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries over the long weekend have either had to manage the clash or join in the celebrations.

When Alastair and Jenny Emblem were married on May 5, 1973, Charles III himself was still a newly-crowned Prince of Wales and no-one would have known then how long it would be before the crown would pass to him.

Back then, Alastair had been working in Farnham for Crosby Doors.

He and Jenny moved to Farnham a few years later following the birth of their children Edward and Lorien, both of whom still live in the town with their families, and who are organising celebrations for their parents’ golden wedding anniversary.

The family are not letting the coronation festivities get in the way of their own celebrations, and the six grandchildren are all looking forward to the extra bank holiday!

Best wishes to them and anyone else celebrating over what we hope to be a glorious weekend for everyone. Send your celebratory snaps to [email protected]