A HASLEMERE Brownie has finally been able to visit her pen pal at Moorlands Lodge nursing home after exchanging letters for nearly two years.

The 5th Haslemere Brownies normally visit Moorlands Lodge in Hindhead to sing carols at Christmas, but they have been unable to do so for the past two years because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the Brownies were unable to visit the Moorlands Lodge residents this year, nine-year-old Florence Mason decided to make a card - together with the whole Brownie unit - to give to the residents instead, as part of her gold award.

Florence presented the card and met one of the nursing home’s residents, her pen pal Dawn Robinson.

The Brownies wrote to the Moorlands Lodge residents at the start of lockdown, and Florence and Dawn have been pen pals ever since, but they had never met.

Florence’s mum Sara Mason said: "It was very special, and Florence was so excited after she met Dawn.

"All the Brownies were writing to their pen pal at the start of lockdown, but Florence and Dawn have kept it going and kept writing to each other. It’s pretty regular.

"It’s been great for Florence to have a pen pal from a different generation.

"It gives her a different perspective on things.

"The gold award is a big deal in the Brownie world.

"To earn the award you have to do something extra in addition to completing all six theme awards."

Moorlands Lodge activities manager Linda Booth said: "We were delighted to help Florence set up a pen pal friendship with one of our lovely residents Dawn Robinson, who is 94 years old.

"It is wonderful how friendship and words can be shared between the generations and we would always support activities that enrich the lives of those who live with us at Moorlands Lodge."