Winter might bring some festive cheer, but it also brings some big bills. 

For many this time of year is hardest, with many families struggling to put food on the table. 

So to help vulnerable families during the winter period, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) Fernhurst charity is delivering food boxes to families in Beacon Hill and across the country. 

The charity has delivered 21 food boxes to families in Beacon Hill, the equivalent to 252 meals.

The RRT partnered with Beacon Hill Primary School who helped identify and reach vulnerable families in the area. The food boxes will take a little pressure of these families, helping lift their spirits and bring a little joy during the winter period.

All the food boxes delivered by the Fernhurst RRT to Beacon Hill Primary School have been filled with items the charity feel are most needed, including a wide selection of non-perishable goods, such as pasta and rice and cereal bars, alongside special treats such as puddings, custard and candy canes. The boxes have all been packed by volunteers. 

With one in seven people in the UK going hungry because they can’t afford food costs, the charity is providing a lifeline to struggling families. 

Glenn Kilbey, RRT Fernhurst team leader, said: “We know that many are feeling the effects of the rising cost of living, making it difficult for some families to put food on the table this winter. This is why the RRT has stepped in to put compassion into action and help those who are struggling in Beacon Hill and Fernhurst.

“It has been inspiring to see our volunteers spreading kindness and helping those individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. Our Food Boxes have been carefully assembled by our volunteers and we are glad that we have been able to support over 20 families in the area.”

Beacon Hill Primary School thanked RRT Fernhurst for their generous donation saying it will go a long way in helping their families over this period.

The RRT is delivering the food boxes to 19 locations across the UK in a bid to reach as many vulnerable families as possible throughout the winter. First launched in 2019, the RRT food boxes provide immediate relief when it is needed most and are used by the charity to help support people in crisis. 

This latest food box initiative follows the charity’s success in delivering more than 2 million meals to Ukrainians impacted by the war.