Back in the 1950s scenes like this were more commonplace – the area was far more agricultural and life ran at a slower pace. However, scenes like this can still be witnessed nearby if you know where to look.

The date is September 1951 and the setting we believe is Capt Holmes Farm, Bury Court, at Bentley. Watching Jersey yearling cows drinking are a large group of visitors from the Southern Jersey Cattle Club.

Today there is still at least one pedigree Jersey herd including Pierrepont Farm at Frensham. That farm is owned by the Countryside Regeneration Trust which holds open days when visitors can see the herd which are virtually”free-range” taking themselves from pasture to milking parlour and feed when the mood takes them.

Perhaps it’s easy to overlook just how agriculture still goes on around – for just to the north of Farnham town centre is one of the largest sheep flocks in the area.