The Met Office is predicting overnight frosts in East Hampshire with the increasing chance of wintery showers of mainly sleet, but maybe some snow, from Sunday night through to Wednesday night.

And working with the Met Office, National Highways are warning road gritters are set to be out.

The return to bad weather is expected start tomorrow (Jan 14) with a rain and winds.

Then further rain or showers are possible Sunday, then till Wednesday, turning colder with sunshine and isolated but increasingly wintry showers through the following days with frosty nights.

And ice is likely to be an ongoing hazard for most of the country from Sunday onwards.

And if the temperatures drop as predicted, National Highways and Hampshire County Council road gritters lorries will be in action on the more 5,000 miles of road in the county.

National Highways spokesman Darren Clarke said: “Not all roads will need treating on any given day.

“Gritters may need to go out in some regions if road temperatures fall below +1 degrees C, or if there is a risk of frost or ice forming, but not in other areas if conditions are not as cold.

“But we would suggest road users check the weather forecasts, allow more time for travel in wintry conditions, and carry out regular vehicle checks such as your coolant and tyre pressures.”