Haslemere has ranked as one of the top five safest towns in Surrey, according to recent crime data from CrimeRate. 

As of 2023, its crime rate is 39 per cent lower than the regional crime rate in the South East and 44 per cent lower than the national crime rate across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, making it the fourth safest town in Surrey.

Violence and sexual offences were the most common crimes in Haslemere making 26.9 per cent of the 499 crimes recorded in 2023. There were 134 offences recorded but figures for November and December have yet to be released.

The most crime-ridden area is by Tesco in Wey Hill with 44 crimes reported there this year. Unsurprisingly, the highest offence is shoplifting with 28 incidents. 

But violence and sexual offences, vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour, public order and other thefts have also been reported in the same area. 

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