FATHER CHRISTMAS was listening when Haslemere residents asked for a bank, because not one, not two, but five have now set up shop in the old Lloyd’s building. 

Cash Access UK officially opened Haslemere’s Banking Hub last Friday meaning the Chancellor of the Exchequer can now visit Haslemere without embarrassment. MP Jeremy hunt will have plenty of cash in his backpocket because the hub is the first in the UK to have an external cash machine, something businesses and residents alike have been desperately asking for, and just in time for Christmas! 

Jeremy Hunt cut the ribbon at the launch which was hotly anticipated and widely attended.

Mayor Jerome Davidson said: “The opening of this banking hub has been so hard fought for. The council has been conscious of the limited access to cash in the town since the last bank closed its doors in 2021. Having worked so hard to get to this day, I implore everyone to use this facility to ensure we keep it.”

Haslemere resident Christian Klovekorn-Ward had previously told the Herald: “The lack of banking in the town centre is a disgrace – they’ve got to sort it.”

And now they have. 

Haslemere Banking Hub launch
Haslemere Banking Hub launch (Leo Wilkinson)

Jeremy Hunt said: “This is excellent news for Haslemere, and for older people in particular, many of whom don’t have access to online banking. 

“Face to face banking still has a role to play and the Hub is the answer. Haslemere is blazing a trial and I expect more and more places will follow Haslemere’s example.”

Haslemere Town Council: “The Council is delighted that Haslemere’s Banking Hub is now fully operational. We are especially pleased to be the first hub with a separate, external cash machine. We are acutely aware of the issues the lack of access to banking and cash in the town centre has caused our residents, and we have lobbied hard to get this much needed facility provided.”

The hub will be operated by the Post Office, where customers of all major banks and building societies can carry out regular cash transactions. It will also offer a community banker service so customers can talk to their bank about more complicated issues, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The community bankers will work on rotation, with a different bank or building society available on each day of the week:

- Monday: Barclays

- Tuesday: NatWest

- Wednesday: Lloyds

- Thursday: HSBC 

- Friday: Santander (am)